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I am the white ichor, the mercury
That pounds out the sky’s pulse.
I am the sapling, the world-tree
With roots like silver blood.
I come in ancient heralding,
With the scream of a primeval god:
A forest of flashes, a synapsed dream
A thousand threads of frost.
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Shin Seijuro, genderbent: The Knight-Queen by SethAdmirer Shin Seijuro, genderbent: The Knight-Queen :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 4 5 Aho! Aho! by SethAdmirer Aho! Aho! :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 3 6
Winterscape/ Deep Six
Metal foil shaping the hemisphere
Which we call the sky
Dusty clouds threading through
As far as the human eye:
They stretch above a canvas
Powdered with grounded moon
And diamond dust coldly glittering
Atop each solemn dune.
Deep Six
Dye me nameless, buried
In the soft cornucopia of waters
Breathed the protean airs
The naiads of eternal summer.
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 1 2
Little Bird
You bit your lips upon the caress of iciness teasing your nerves, suppressing a sudden and indecipherable urge to giggle. Yes, it was cold, and this moment was wrong enough without having you mutate its seriousness.
It didn’t use to be like this. You didn’t use to be like this. You were happy, innocent; and, unless your memories were playing tricks on you, you were dream-filled. You were loved and you still are, you know that to those who gave it you still had to be responsible. Your life is not yours to discard or ruin; you know you are fortunate and must be thankful. And normally you don’t just know it, you are part of it: a person who hated pain and would never hurt herself. Neither are you a typical emo; when you are not here in this schism (of your reality) you are upbeat, sweet and sociable. You wanted to be, and you were (perfect).
And they; some of them say they are just a phone call away, they understand and want to be here for y
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Love Is:
Love is not red roses or chocolates.
It’s a single stalk of Sunny Gainesville, because he remembers your favourite flowers are actually chrysanthemums.
Nor is it lavish Valentines’ presents, but a bunch of Bics on your desk, fresh milk in the fridge on a random day because you commented about them over breakfast (and you thought he wasn’t listening because he kept ‘hmmmm’-ing with his eyes glued to the soddin’ papers).
Love is when you come home, exhausted; having just made it past some deadline for work, and you discover you don’t have to cook dinner (although he tried to hide the charred evidence by stuffing it at the very bottom of the bin and you two ended up ordering takeout, but that’s ok).
It is those rainy, dreary days, where you both have nowhere to go on a date, so you watch your favourite old movies, play some video games, flip magazines while his head somehow finds it way onto your thigh.
(Tea and talk and playful insul
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Juumonji, Kuroki and Toganou: The Ha-Ha Sisters by SethAdmirer Juumonji, Kuroki and Toganou: The Ha-Ha Sisters :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 1 2
Black as in the all-embracing,
Shy concealing night.
Black the raven's eye
That brings out the starlight.
Black the unnoticeable,
Cradle of all diurnes,
Healing us
As we bide the sun's return.
Black in the ink elegant,
That gives voice and shape to thought.
That eons of clear-minded humanity
On paper faithful wrought.
Black the ever silent,
The sunken prison of shadows.
Black that imparts our smallness
Hidden behind the day's glow.
Black the deep and sweet
The far-reaching,
Eternal unknown.
Black the everlasting discovery
And the colour
That calls us home.
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Listening to Trees
Whenever I will,
I should want to listen
And never be moved again from the spot:
The tidings; dreamy-child
From the sea
Where they were first lost.
Without fail,
I’ll extract this airmail
Gently, from where they were caught:
In the finest net of
Green, criss-crossing branches
That transports, too,
Arboreal thoughts.
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 1 2
The Little That We Do
You seep down into the sludge and bathe with shadows. You sink into the graveyard of memories, and are caught. Life goes on.
You kneel upon that aching grace, which shatters and restores you. By its fragility, you are relieved–and pained. The sun walks on.
Like a star, sweet and small, you guide none but the hearts that have been led away by you. You may only exhale, for a countable number, yet for this one unbelievable little blip, you are here.
Your tomorrow will be there. Then it will abruptly, not. You must take comfort that it will be, for some stranger else, in the stream of humanity that churns on and on, that will not die for any one moment, no matter how significant, for it must be above all to be this horrifyingly cruel and breathtakingly beautiful.
And so we swim, in the grand map of Design, invisible. A pinprick in the eye of the World-Holder, forever leaving and leaving for the unseen and incomprehensible.
And in our wispiness, we exalt.
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 1 3
Vides Ergo Sum
I don't know who you are
For you are silent
Your face is in my mirror
And you are silent
For all your dreams are grey
And all your smiles are like
The balloons in the world
Filled with air
There's no meaning in your stare---
For you are silent;
You're the stranger in my clothes
You take up my place in the photos
And my name
And my past
There's nothing left behind the glass
Save the reasons that I know
If there was
Something else in all the world
That they supposed
Would fill my skin, well
It's eaten what's within---
And you are silent.
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 0 3
Never Again (Angsty X27) by SethAdmirer Never Again (Angsty X27) :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 9 0
Depressionist + Swiss
You who wake up
To find the dark gods drowning out the sun
Blind your ears to the songs
And not the screams of everyone.
Teach you to put the fear of Life
Into your common sense
Sing to you
Through the cracks in their cells
On what Humanity is.
Depressionist, depressionist, depression. Is.

Sanity is like a hunk of cheese.
Brittle, soured compression of reality and dreams
Full of holes from the beginning,
And you’re not sure (they or you?)
Is doing the eating.
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 1 0
Grain Run by SethAdmirer Grain Run :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 7 0
When you smile at me,
When you ask me for my company——
For not even the tenth of a day,
When you depend on me
Most naturally
And think nothing
Of for which I have prayed;
That is when I am at my happiest
Buoyed in a quiet giddiness
Fizz-powered by this thought:
I may have stamped myself
As a shred of goodness
Somewhere in your heart.
When I think of you
Though I know
Only your name and its face
I feel so full
That I could burst;
And die out
To the end in a daze;
You may be the death of me one day or you
May be for the rest of my life;
You will be the anchor that holds me
(Holds me)
To a stupidly content want of this strife.
So I should not be so deeply
Drunk with an empty hunger
Feel like I am reaching
No road but to your anger
Touch you, ever so timidly;
And turn you black all over
Look at your eyes on me
And see an ugly monster
Then turn everywhere around me
To become afraid of mirrors:
All breath without pain escapes me
So long as I am sober;
To think, in my simp
:iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 0 0
One Piece Marines: Old Roots Run Deep by SethAdmirer One Piece Marines: Old Roots Run Deep :iconsethadmirer:SethAdmirer 2 6


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on loving a girl who doesn't love herself
You used to tell her that you’d accept the reminders, the dark shades running down and over the hill of her waist, the shadow of her wrist. Far from unlovable, you said. So far.
Grudgingly, you realized that you could not fix her. She was not a dismantled puzzle just waiting for you; she was her own brand of porcelain, one you didn’t know how to mold back together. She wasn’t breathing for you.
The moments of silence between you led to a longer period, those weeks when you went days without talking – and you didn’t know if you were supposed to be proud of her or cry.
Stargazed at each other’s words until the night came when you learned she wanted you to kiss her scars and make love to them as if they were her self. You laughed without humor and said, "I might as well kiss them with the fucking blade then." She said nothing.
When she discovered that you would love her and her body and her past – but wouldn’t trace the lines on her skin
:iconrigor-samsa:rigor-samsa 229 55
kiss me by kanapy-art kiss me :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 1,180 50 Attack on titan BnW preview by Brilcrist Attack on titan BnW preview :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,399 119



amateur enthusiast
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Chinese girl and coffee lover. Living somewhere in Southeast Asia pursuing a degree. Have certain issues, will disappear off for periods at a time to rest and recuperate. Can be slow in posting too. ):

My art:

-Original manga art
-A few pieces of original prose

I also write fanfiction, which I post elsewhere. Most of my yaoi/ BL/ bara fanart, too, go elsewhere. Especially anything rated PG-13 and above.

NOTE: Have undergone NO formal training whatsoever in both drawing and creative writing.

Short term art-related goals:

-Learning to colour
-Sharpening my skills on perspective and anatomy
-Writing better stories

Nice to meet you. :)


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Devileyes90 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
Hi! Thank you a lot for the fave! :D
SethAdmirer Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! ;) I'm glad to meet another Laxeel fan, plus the portrayal of musculature and their expressions were wonderfully accurate too. So thank you too for the effort! 
LadyDeven Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconanimefaceplz: TO YOUR PROFILE!

High School Of The Dead, Love the series, but to much fan service, and it's a long ways in updates.

No school on my end, Kind of unlucky for that I think, but I am behind on commission work so. :stare: 

Berserk, check check and double check on all those, and MULTIPLE accounts. Which makes claymore's cannibalism much easier to deal with, and character killing. :grump:

SethAdmirer Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi again! :D

Ah, High School of the Dead. Yeah, usually hot women is plenty fine, but the boobs and figures in that one were kinda off-putting. :/ Some of the manga I follow are very sluggish too (D-Gray Man, Gate 7)...thankfully I'm not hung up on those. Still, I get what you mean. Slow updates + cliffhangers really suck.

Haha, me too. No commissions here, but so friggin' behind in my art and fanfic posts that it's not even funny. (*TuT*) Let us both fight on! 

GRAAAHHH SPOILERS. On second thought, I guess you could expect those from their premise. ;P 

Btw, do you read Vinland Saga? Some say that's close to Berserk in style.
LadyDeven Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Them cliffhangers kill me. :iconeratsplz:

We got the lazy art feels then lol.

Whoops :lol:

Haven't read it yet. Going to have to go on my to-do list.
SethAdmirer Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They really can. (*nods) That's why distractions are so important. ;P

Nah...not entirely anyway. Had other things on my plate then, and a bit of creative burnout. 

No big. Still plenty of things in store for me. :P 

Sounds like you have an extensive to-do list too. XD Any specifically noted titles?
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Nice Artwork.  I'm definately watching you :3
SethAdmirer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok. O_O Thanks! :D Well...I hope you've read my profile though. I can be slow in posting.

VERY slow.
Coranados Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013   Writer
Does not matter to me.  You post what you want, when you want :)
SethAdmirer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
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